It Ain't Easy [Looking For] a Pimp

Well, I'm still at it.

Despite all my reservations, I'm continuing to see clients. In fact, I contacted a local agency for the first time and they bit right back. In a few days, I'll meet with the guy who runs the agency and maybe start working for them.

*More clients = more money
*The agency screens clients ahead of time
*The agency provides protection and also transportation
*No more trolling craigslist for shady flakes who will waste my time

*More clients = higher chance of burnout
*High possibility of seeing several (up to 6, even?) clients a night carries with it a high possibility that I will feel extremely grossed out
*I will, for all intents and purposes, have a pimp
*The dude in charge takes a large percentage of any money earned

I think that, if this meeting with him goes well, I am going to join the agency despite the pretty significant list of cons. I'll go on a bender for a couple of weeks and hopefully by the new year, I'll have a new job and a cozy stack of cash saved up for my impending move. Oh wait, did I mention that to y'all? Not only am I looking for work, but I am also looking to move to The Big City (you can probably guess which one). Whether or not I'll continue my underground career there is to be determined by what kind of job I'll get and what it pays.

But, having a pimp? As a feminist, the idea of having one is pretty appalling. At the same time, I will be thoroughly screening this dude to make sure he's not crazy, abusive, violent or some scary combination of the three. And the pros on the list are pretty tempting. The agency does all of the advertising, all of the scheduling, and even provides an incall location if I want one.

I swear, my involvement in this profession becomes more and more surreal as time goes on. Funnily enough, I still feel really fucking naive about it all. It can be fun to act jaded and worldly when I tell my wide-eyed friends the stories, but deep down, I think I'm still clutching my pearls.