What do you call a weekend where you have great hangouts with friends, a fantastic first date, and marathon sex with a friend who you also hook up with?


These last several months have been rocky in the romance department, what with me once and for all ending things with Married Man after his pathetic attempts to try and lure me back in the last weeks before his wife gave birth, and slogging through the great difficulty trying to negotiate major scheduling incompatibilities with my long term sweetie, whose new job's work hours are basically opposite of mine. I've also been battling some low self esteem and depression due to work and activism stress overload compounded with repeated and extended foot injuries, which have resulted in chronic pain and also made it really hard to be as active as I want to be. I think I'm almost physically ready to be active again, so now, I just need to find the time to make it happen.

But lovelies, things are looking up. Way up.


On Saturday evening, I had a first date with Foodie Dreamboat, a handsome transgentleman who I met online and hit it off with immediately in person. We share both a love of food and senses of humor, so the content of the discussions and the banter was an A+. Without a doubt, my favorite kind of flirtatious foreplay is that in which two people of matching wits and sensibilities go toe to toe in a witty verbal sparring match, and I found myself trying to hide the full extent of my delight at our effortless, laughter-filled conversations. So, Foodie Dreamboat and I chit chatted nonstop for hours before he realized that he had stayed out much later than intended because of an early work day the next day. We ended the date with an awkward, failed attempt at a goodnight kiss, followed by much bemused laughter at our incredibly awkward attempt, followed by an actual goodnight kiss that we both seemed to find rather agreeable. We both stated a desire to see each other again.

I try not to put too much hope into these things when they're so nascent, but at the very least, it's quite lovely to be reminded that sparks and chemistry are out there in the world, awaiting discovery.


The last post I wrote here (in January, oops!) was about an old-lover-turned-friend-turned-lover-again who I'll call Handsome Boy Modeling School (for obvious reasons). Him and I have continued our torrid affair, which pinnacled last night in sex that we dubbed Olympic. I felt nearly out of my mind with the intensity of the fucking and ejaculated for the first time in over 2 years. Shortly after that, he had something like 20 orgasms during a 2 hour marathon blowjob. We both collapsed in a heap of blissed out sex fiendery afterward, stunned by what magic had just happened. You know, it's that thing where you randomly (or not), have this kind of incredible, transcendent sex with someone and you're both like, "Woah, how did that just happen?" Yep. That's what we were like.

And all of that was following some spectacular sex I had with the long term sweetie last weekend, too, where both the physical part and the closeness I felt during after were so special. 

Clearly, I am in a romantic upswing, for which I am feeling quite grateful.


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