In attempting to set up a casual sex encounter, I exchanged a couple of "this is what I like" emails with a potential suitor. I am compelled to post an excerpt from said suitor's reply, for posterity and for all the internet to witness:

I have to admit that I really don't think I'm into making out as foreplay. A little too emotionally involved for me for something so NSA. If you want to suck me off to get you wet, fine by me, but honestly, all I'm really looking to do is to come over, we say hi, get undressed, you get on all fours, I turn you out for awhile, we both cum, I clean up and leave.

Oh, kind sir. If ONLY other gentlemen were as willing as you to grant me the privilege of putting my mouth on their penises in order to get my vagina good and ready for a poke, I could hang my hat and end my quest for fun, casual, and mutually fulfilling sex.

Don't let anyone tell you that chivalry's dead.


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