You oughta know

Hello, buenos dí­as, and buon giorno,

I have nothing to say for my absence save for a wave of lethargy that has plagued me for the last few weeks. To my defense, I've had some really great news in my non-sex work life that has kept me a bit preoccupied, but still.

Since we last met, I've seen two clients who you may recall from before, Jason and Chad. In fact, I saw them both in the same week, securing me a tidy little nest egg to devote to my mewling savings account.

Jason was another overnight, a last minute request that proved to be an incredibly easy date. His car had broken down near my house and instead of getting a late-night tow, he rented a hotel room for the evening, to which he invited me. I arrived at ten past midnight and was greeted with a warm hug. Long time no see, I commented to him. Jason was already in an undershirt and boxer briefs, which he shed quickly. I followed his lead and stripped down to my cute bra and underwear set.

We talked for several minutes, laying in bed side by side, legs barely touching. He complained about work and I listened quietly, lightly touching his arms, shoulders and stomach. During a pause, Jason leaned over and kissed me, the same mediocre style that I remembered from our previous meeting. Soon, he moved down my body and removed my underwear. He went to work and I removed my bra, feigning sighs and yelps of appreciation. After what I felt was a respectable amount of time, I did what I felt was a stellar imitation of an orgasm. There was a build-up, a climax and a come down. He wasn't disappointed. We kissed for another minute or so before I made my way south and began to suck on his very-hard cock. I like working with small cocks when I'm being paid because I can almost deep throat them. I actually have a very sensitive gag reflex, which makes it hard to take a cock into my mouth with any sort of impressive depth.

I had meant for the blowjob to be a prelude to fucking, but Jason made no move for me to stop, so I didn't. A few minutes later, he gasped that he was going to come and I pulled away, sliding my hand up and down his cock as he ejaculated on my hair and his stomach. I smiled at him and excused myself to the bathroom. I washed my hands and brought him a towel.

We layed back down on the bed and he rolled over as if to go to sleep. I couldn't believe my luck! Here I was, getting paid many hundreds of dollars for what had turned out to be an incredibly simple job. I slept well despite the overly stuffed pillow. In the morning, Jason rose before me and I could tell that his gentle grinding against my ass meant that he wanted a morning quickie. Being the stingy girl that I am, however, I pretended to remain asleep and not notice. After a few fruitless minutes, Jason hopped out of bed and got ready for work. He left the room key on the bedside table and asked me to check out. After a quick peck on the lips, he was gone.

Chad was also a pleasant date, but these massage gigs are pretty hard on my body. My back and neck always seem to ache after an hour straight of massaging someone, but the money's good. Nothing of import really happened, but we talked a lot about mundane things such as the weather and traffic. I learned that Chad has three sons, one of whom plays ice hockey. I got lost on the way home.

Mike emailed me last night, but I collapsed in bed way early and didn't receive his message. Perhaps that means I'll see him this weekend, something that my bank account would surely appreciate.