The return

And so commences Lusty's slow ooze back into the sex industry.

At last glance, our unlikely heroine was taking a much-needed break from the world of men and their seemingly insatiable lust for illegal pussy. Since then, I have gained both a girlfriend and more debt, two things that, as a wannabe sugar mama, seem to go hand in hand.

I hopped onto craigslist on Wednesday evening, only to find a message board flooded with ads from girls soliciting clients and virtually no ads from clients soliciting girls. When I last left it, the board was addled with controversy over girls and clients and pricing and manners and all sorts of nastiness was being flung from all sides. If I were to hazard a guess, I'd surmise that many clients left the board for other, calmer venues. Either that or some sort of law enforcement hopped online and busted some folks.

Anyway, I sifted through the shit tons of girl ads to find one or two solicitations by clients not looking for anything that I could possibly provide (someone thin, someone who has anal sex, MILF-types, etc.). Finally, I found a few ads that seemed applicable and emailed 5 or 6 men. Almost immediately, I received an email back from Chad, who was looking for an hour long massage. Simple enough, I thought to myself, and sent him my rates and time availability. Unfortunately, Chad lives over an hour away from me, so I prepared myself for a late night.

I arrived at Chad's place around 11:15 p.m., dressed in loose gray slacks, a tight black long-sleeved shirt, my pointy-toed black pumps, pink scarf and matching pink tweed coat. I realized that I looked very urban professional, but I wasn't about to wear a short skirt in 30-something degree weather. Chad greeted me at the door with a hug and ushered me in. He took my coat and complimented my scent (Ananya from The Body Shop). I called my safe person to check in and we ventured upstairs.

I asked Chad to undress and lay face down on the bed with a towel under him. He had low lighting and candles burning, but no music. I began to rub him down with the lavender-scented massage gel that I own (also from The Body Shop). I genuinely enjoy giving massages and I think that it shows. Every client who I massage compliments my strong hands and asks if I've had professional training. No, I tell them, but I like to touch people the way I liked to be touched.

Chad and I made decent small talk throughout the hour, discussing college and jobs and the alarmingly rapid growth of the area in which we live. He was a pleasant conversationalist, always a refreshing thing when one is trying to pass the time. My own back and neck began to hurt after 30 minutes or so, as massaging someone on their soft bed (as opposed to an actual massage table) can easily leave one with body pain of their own.

So, towards the end of the hour, I had worked over Chad's back, neck, thighs and feet. I began to touch the crotch of his white briefs gently to assess whether or not he was expecting a happy ending (something he had not specifically requested). But Chad did not recoil and I continued, noticing the quickly stiffening flesh beneath the white cotton. I smiled at him and asked him to remove his briefs. He did and I grasped his thick short cock in my right hand, slowly massaging his full balls with my left. He leaned back on the bedpost and sighed softly. I asked him if there was anything in particular that he wanted me to do and he asked me to surprise him. So I continued with the stroking and the fondling, pausing for a minute to squirt some lubrication on him. I told him that he had a nice cock (because he did) and he seemed to like that. After a few more minutes of firm, slow stroking and ball-caressing, Chad came, almost softly, on my hand and his abdomen. I smiled at him and he touched my hand to stop the ministrations.

I left the bed and washed my hands in the bathroom, returning to the bed with a towel so that he could clean himself up. Since we still had several minutes on the clock, I offered to continue massaging Chad and he accepted. I worked on his neck and shoulders for a few minutes before I became tired and eager to leave. I asked him if it was ok that I stopped and he acquiesced. He gave me quick directions back to the highway and thanked me for my time. I thanked him too, for being such a gentleman and an easy to please client. We hugged goodbye and I left.

On the way home, I checked in with my safe person and my girlfriend. She asked me how it had felt to get back into sex work after dreading the return for several weeks. And I told her, honestly, that as far as clients go, he really was the best I could ask for. Now that the holiday season is upon us and that I have many gifts to buy, you may expect more frequent updates here.


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