Lusty answers a real one from the mail bag

In response to an email a friend sent me about my scoffing at clients' so-called desire to get to know me:

From: Landon
To: Lusty

The faux-desire to get to know the real you isn't faux at all. As a man who has both given and received sex for compensation, let me tell you that a significant percentage of men who patronize sex workers have the fantasy or desire that the woman they are with actually likes them. On the plainest level, they are aware that they are paying for your services. But on some emotional, sub-rational level, they hope against sense or logic that you might be just a little surprised at how sweet, or clever, or handsome they are. They hope that they might be the on single client that you would see out at a bar, and walk up to and chat with. Not for hope of payment, but because you actually think them a decent person. Or, perish the thought, that you might actually be attracted to them on some level, and that if the situation were different... That if you met them in the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon in jeans in a T-Shirt, that you might offer your phone number if asked.

With all due respect, Landon honey, I disagree.

Do you think they want to see me at 4 a.m. when my breath smells stale and mascara stains line the bottoms of my eyes? Does he want to know the "real me" when I'm off my anti-anxiety meds and have day-long panic attacks? Is he really interested in taking me to the doctor's when I've come down with another UTI and have to scream when I pee it hurts so bad? Does he want to see me on a fat day? When I'm sweating and smelly? When my heart is broken from yet another failed relationship and I can't bear the thought of ever loving another human being?

See, I don't think that my clients would care to see any of that. I think they want to know the "real me" if that person is someone who stays beautiful 24/7 and never shits, overeats, gets depressed, cries, or gets angry.

But I do agree with you in a way. I do think that clients want to feel "special" and "different" from all the other johns that come and go. That I can understand and believe. Who doesn't want to feel special and loved and cared for? Unfortunately for them, that is not something that can be bought from me for any amount of money. I may give you my time and my body, but that is where the giving stops.


Anonymous Jesse said...

Having never paid for sex nor recieved money for sex, I don't necessarily have much of a leg to stand on in this arguement but I tend to side with Lusty. The fantasy of actually having a relationship with a sex worker is just that, a fantasy. It assumes that Lusty is always dressed up, that her legs are always perfectly smooth and her teeth have always just been brushed. I am sure that there is often a strong desire to be special to Lusty, akin to the standard wish that people have that they are the best or at least certaintly very good in bed. I'm sure its something along the lines of getting for free what other people have to pay for.

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