From the Virtual Mailbag

Ok, so maybe I haven't gotten any fan or hate mail (yet), but that won't stop me from answering viewer questions from my imaginary mail sack. It's got rhinestones on it, dontcha know? Dear Lusty, I was wondering whether or not you're able to have an orgasm with your clients. Do you ever even come close?

Curious in Connecticut

Dear Curious,

Good question! It's one that I get fairly frequently, actually. To date, I have not yet orgasmed with a customer or really even come close. As much as I'd love to be a wildly orgasmic girl, my body just doens't respond in situations like those. Sometimes I do enjoy being fucked by clients (last night, for example), but to be honest, most of my clients don't even last even 5 minutes before they come themselves. Occasionally they offer to get me off, but I know it'd never happen, so I usually decline or fake it if they're insistent.

Dear Lusty,

I just had to know if you're one of those hookers who does it because of being unloved and abused in the past. No disrespect, but I just don't understand how someone would ever choose to do something like this.

Doubtful in Detroit

Hi Doubtful,

Despite popular mythology about who sex workers are, there are a lot of us who have never been abused and come from (relatively) functional homes, like me. Of course, the scourge of the white supremacist capitalist heteropatriarchy often affects some women's decisions to go into sex work, but it is also that same system that forces women into other (much lower paying) unsafe jobs like factory work. I definitely have privilege to be able to operate as an independent escort, and part of that has to do with possessing a college education and being raised with relative material comfort. I am fortunate enough to not be an abuse survivor, but being abused alone is not something that "causes" someone to go into sex work. There are plenty of abuse survivors out there who would never even dream of trading sex for gain.

Dear Lusty,

I'm a long time reader, first time commenter and I just LOVE your blog [Gee thanks, sugar!]. I wanted to know if you'd share what some of your interests are outside of the biz?

Lola Wants

Hi Lola!

What a great question! And in the tradition, I will do this Manolo-style. What Lusty is:



Listening to...

Lusting after...

If any of you secret readers actually do have questions, you're welcome to mail them to me. But for now, I'm get my 8 hours of princess sleep because I have a (not-for-profit) date tomorrow evening. Goodnight!


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