A mini dry spell

All is quiet on the hooker front. There has been some extensive drama on the craigslist boards that seems to have lessened the traffic of men posting ads. I'm interested in searching other avenues, but I don't want to go anywhere where I will be reviewed. Not because i think my clients will say bad things about me, but because I am incredibly hesitant about having my face on a semi-public forum declaring my whoredom. Who knows which people with big mouths I know cruise those websites?

I'm getting quite sick with the leeches that keep trying to get shit for free from me. One prospective client, claiming to have been robbed of his ATM card, asked me if there was any way to make our meeting "fun time" so that it would be free. I was much nicer to him than he probably deserved. Another guy, who I had never seen before asked me repeatedly if I would shit on him. Trying very hard not to be judgmental, I kept on saying "No, I don't do that" in the kindest tone I could muster and hoped he would get the message. "Can you make an exception?" he asked in one final desperate attempt. How laughable is that? Not only have I never met or seen the guy (who flaked out in the end, natch), but he wasn't even offering me any sort of extra incentive for showering him with my innards. The nerve of some of these guys is amazing. I can't help but think it's some sort of (white, male, and/or upper class) entitlement thing. Like, they are so convinced that they *deserve* a hot girl to fulfill all of their fantasies that they try to bargain you down to absurdly low prices. Well, I ain't no effin flea market, gentlemen.

I'm probably sounding pretty hateful. I don't hate my clients. Quite the contrary. I don't judge them for paying for sex just as I expect not to be judged by them for what I do. But I do get quite angry and annoyed when clients try and make themselves out to be anything other than clients. If you want a sugar baby or a trophy wife, then say it. Or if you want me to pretend to be your girlfriend, then pay me more. But everything that occurs between us is a transaction, which I may make you forget when we're together because I'm a nice girl who has lots of empathy, but trying to cheat me out of money or getting me to do shit for free? Don't even fucking go there, motherfucker.


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