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The DJ really pissed me off today.

You see, we had an appointment, our third, last week. Now, because the DC is somewhat enamored with me (In fact, he's mentioned marriage more than once in passing, which, in case you were curious, is not and will NEVER be on my agenda with him, but if it earns me more money and keeps him calling me, I will happily play along.), I bend my rules ever so slightly. If the clock runs over 10 or so minutes, I don't complain. I let him pay me at the end and we kiss (for extra money of course). So last week, we saw each other for a session that probably lasted more like 1 hour and 20 minutes than it did the standard hour. After we were finally done, I kept on waiting for him to pay me and was almost out of the door before I had to gently remind him. And then, when I got in my car, I drove halfway down the block, counted my money and realized that he had shorted me $40! I circled around and he was still in his front yard smoking a cigarette. I mentioned very sweetly and apologetically that he had shorted me. He looked at me funny, stuttered for a second, said "Let me take care of that," and ran into the house. When he came out, he had a $50 bill in his hand. "Keep that," he told me.

During our session, he had mentioned that he wanted to see me again this week, so I sent him a friendly email today asking when he'd like to get together. This is the email I got back from him

To: Lusty


I must say that I have not written because I am a bit concerned about our time from last week. Our time was wonderful. It always is. However in 19 years of running a business, I have never forgotten an amount that I owe someone or that someone owes me. You can ask me how much someone paid me for a nightclub gig I did in 1990 and I would remember like it was yesterday. I can tell you how much each of my clients owes me for this weekend... without looking at their files. I guess my point is that I do not forget numbers. You mentioned that we agreed on $[the amount he paid me the last two times we saw each other]. I paid it because I am not one to argue #'s. But in no way, shape or form do I recall a conversation between you and I, that involved the amount of $[that amount]. You and I were on an agreement of $[my base price that never includes kissing], I would swear to it. So how did we get to $[the amount he paid me the last two times, dammit!]?

This is not at all to say that you are a cheat. I am just saying that I do not at all remember, an agreement for $[that amount]... and that bothers me.

Now, I am not mad, pissed or otherwise bothered... just annoyed and not knowing what to think.


Oh, he's annoyed is he? Well, I am livid. I don't know if he is lying, trying to cheat me, or has just simply forgotten, but I despise being accused of things that I am not guilty of (just ask me about the time my mom accused me of leaving toothpaste stains in the sink as a kid) and had a *really* hard time not being a total bitch in my response. He is otherwise a "nice guy" after all, and I'd like to continue seeing him. I wrote him back right away, explained how we got to that figure and even forwarded him an email where I had quoted him my base price and said that kissing was extra. He hasn't written me back. Of fucking course. People hate to be proved wrong, especially when they act like condescending accusatory assholes who brag that they have a knack for remembering figures, but then realize that maybe they're going senile and they're only in their mid 30s and jesuschrist that fucking sucks, doesn't it now cupcake?

Even though I am right and never fucking try to cheat my clients and even gave him 20 motherfucking extra minutes for FREE (never doing
that again, by the way because I've learned my lesson), I am almost positive he will never call me again. Because he is a sore loser who got caught trying to cheat me out of my hard earned money.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a pathetic looser. A whore who whines. $50 for a kiss. Gimme a break.

If you are going to turn tricks for a living at least learn the basics of business, which is keep your customers happy. Everyone knows that making them feel good, rather than making yourself feel self rightuous is how you get repeat business and recommendations.

I have no idea how attractive you are, but one think for sure, with that attitude, you will windup a toothless old hag without clients working in checkout line of the Quicki Mart instead of retiring with a clinet who fell in love with you and gives you a new SL fer your birthday....

ta ta sourpuss... ooops, did I forget to lube it?

11:50 PM  

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