Easy Come, Easy Go

And just like that, in a little over one week, I blew all the money I earned from the overnight with Jason.

Current and former sex workers will warn you over and over again to save your money, to put a portion of it away so that you don't blow it on stupid shit like eating out, little trinkets, getting your nails done, and playing sugar mama to your friends and loved ones. Apparently I am really shitty at heeding that advice, because the previously stated are exactly what I blew my big chunk of money on last week. No huge purchases or anything, just an excessively free hand with the fat wad of twenties filling my wallet.


My friend, a former sex worker, recently lent me
this book in an attempt to give me some sound financial advice on how to, you know, not do stupid things like spend all my damn money in a week. The problem, however, is that the book assumes that one already has that kind of willpower and know-how. See, I was never taught in the first place how to save. This thing is telling you to put your already-saved money here and there and there.

Anyone on here have any tips on how to learn willpower?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:25 PM  
Anonymous Jesse said...

I reset my thinking about my bank account. For one thing, I always assume that $300 in my checking account is really $0. I never want to get below that. I also set my checking account to put a set amount of money from my checking account to transfer into my savings account on a set day, I treat it like a bill that I have to pay.

I hope this helps!

11:46 PM  
Blogger Lusty said...

I've tried that same mind trick, but what I need is a bank or someone to take money that I cannot touch, no matter what. Because if I am broke, I will tap into that so-called untouchable money without much hesitation at all. Damn, I hate having no willpower!

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Jesse said...

Get a new bank account, a savings account that is not attached to your regular checking account. Do it at a different bank than you normally use, one that has very few ATMs, or if you are insane about saving the way that I am, a bank that doesn't even have ATMs. (I literally use a swiss bank account for which I refuse to order checks or activate a debit card, I do not want myself spending that money) That way you still have money as a safety net but it is difficult to get to. The more barriers you put between yourself and your money the more times you have to ask yourself if you really need whatever it is that you are thinking to buy.
Don't feel bad that it is hard, many people never learn to save. I am this crazy because my degree is in economics.
Sobering fact: the majority of people in the United States are literally living two paychecks from the streets. As in, if they loose their jobs, they will be homeless in four weeks without a new job or unemployment. Personally, I do not want that to be me. That is what I use to stop myself when I start lusting after yet another pair of black high heels.

3:23 PM  
Blogger Lusty said...

This is a smart idea.

Now to work up the motivation to start that new bank account and to have the willpower to not buy more shoes myself!

4:36 PM  
Anonymous outdoortoys said...

My comment is a little late, but I just found your blog today so forgive me. Very interesting read, since I'm kind of a kink sort of person, though more as an interest than a pursuit.
Anyway, regarding the saving money thing: you can also just get a small portion of your day-job salary put into the new account. Some insignificant amount, say $25 per paycheck. That way, it's not enough that you really notice it missing but it adds up fairly quickly when you forget it's there, or can't access it easily.

10:54 AM  
Blogger Lusty said...

Thanks for the advice, outdoortoys!

I've also thought about the setting aside of a smallish amount of money. Now I just need to take the steps to actually make that happen!

4:40 PM  

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