Finally, something to report!

Even I am cringing at the fact that I haven't written much anything of substance or interest in the amount of time that has lapsed. Like I mentioned, it's been slow.

Until recently, that is.

Two jobs in the span of a week and I am on a sex work high. The first job was with a mild-mannered computer consultant who was in town on business. I'll call him Ed. He requested mutual showers and mutual massages for a decent sum of money. I found his place and he told me that I was exactly what he was looking for. We chatted for a minute, undressed and hopped into the shower. Thank you so much for coming here, he kept on iterating. I found it a might odd that Ed was so eager to thank me when he was the one paying, but I was happy to be able to please. After our "shower," which mostly consisted of me rubbing soap on his chest and semi-erect cock, I laid out a towel on the massage and whipped out the massage oil.

Ed went first, rubbing the lavender-scented gel on my back, legs, chest, and feet. We chatted throughout, making small talk about travel and vacations and hobbies. While he rubbed my arms, he mentioned recently going to Estonia and began to describe the country to me as if I had never heard of it. I interrupted him. Estonia's near Latvia, right? He stopped the massage, almost shocked. Wow! You're really good at geography! he exclaimed. Sometimes I get really upset when people think I'm dumb because I'm a sex worker, but other times, I delight in being a know it all and surprising people.

Anyway, after the massage, Ed began to rub my dry clit. I don't know what's up with straight men who are so clueless about lube (hello, a juicy pussy = a happy pussy!), but whatever. After a few minutes of rubbing, I "came" and cuddled with him on the bed, fake exhausted. We continued to chat and I got up to massage him, starting with his back and head and working my way down. Of course, we finished with a "happy ending." It took me a bit of jerking and ball-fondling to get him hard, but it ended with a seemingly satisfying orgasm for him.

Ed was incredibly thankful, exclaiming that I was exactly what he had been looking for and that he'd really like to see me again for the same thing. I agreed and counted my cash in the hotel hallway on my way to the elevator. The next day, Ed sent me a rueful email saying that he predicted that his assignment would end and that he'd soon move to a different city for work. There goes the chance for another regular, I sighed to myself as I read the email.

Little did I know who I'd be meeting on my next date.


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