And sometimes the work is rewarding

Let’s all shout a collective Hurrah! for one of my most positive sex work experiences to date.

Urged on by the very low two digit number showing on my bank account, I trolled for dates last night. I corresponded with a few gentlemen (including another piss-hound, imagine that) and at about quarter to 10:00, I saw an ad looking for a woman with big breasts. Since I fit that bill quite nicely, I responded and got an immediate reply. We wrote back and forth a few times and he called me to relay his address. Though I knew I’d be out several hours past my bedtime, the price we had negotiated was far too tantalizing to turn down.

I drove to his place, and was greeted at the door by a friendly looking man in his early 30s, bald, black, a little chubby with a huge grin (we’ll call him DJ). We hugged and I kissed him on the cheek. He told me that I was far more beautiful than my pictures. I may have blushed a little bit.

After I made the call to my safe person to let her know I was there, I sat on the bed while he finished up some things in the other room. He walked in, the deep red terrycloth robe he was wearing cinched tightly around his waist. DJ asked how long I could stay and reminded him that we had talked about an hour long session. Fully expecting him to disrobe and get to the naughty business immediately, I was quite surprised when he flopped onto the bed, belly down, and said “So, Lusty, tell me about the beautiful woman that has just walked into my room.” I made some silly joke and told him a few carefully chosen things about me. Now, even just writing that line, I kind of cringe. It sounds ridiculously pat, doesn’t it? But I don’t know…something about his mannerism made me believe that he was truly interested in getting to know me. Or at least he was really good at faking it. Of course, I wasn’t about to spill my life story (or my real name), but I was more than willing to wile the time away with some chat.

And so we did, for about 20 minutes before he took up my offer for a massage. We talked a bit more as I massaged his chest and back, conspicuously avoiding his semi-hard cock for the moment. After a bit of that, DJ said that he wanted to spend the extra money so that he could kiss me (something not a part of my normal shtick, but something I offered to him in exchange for more money). We kissed and it wasn’t bad. Not just that he wasn't a bad kisser, but also that I wasn’t grossed out. Not turned on, mind you, but it didn’t feel so odd after all having a stranger’s mouth on mine.

DJ was very very into me. And he told me so many times. A few times, I tried to compliment what I could (you have a nice cock, you smell nice, you’re very kind, etc.) but mostly, I just thanked him. After a bit of teasing interspersed with some talk, DJ exclaimed, “I don’t even care about the sex anymore, Lusty! You’re just such a cool person who I want to talk to more! It was very sweet. We fucked for maybe 4 minutes before he came while fucking me from behind. We have to do this again.” I agreed.

After several more minutes of chatting, I got dressed and he walked me out, wearing his red robe once again. This morning, he emailed me a note of enthusiastic thanks and asked if we could meet again soon. Maybe even tonight, he proposed. I smiled. Absolutely.

I think I may have found my first regular.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good for you. I only hope, for you sake and sanity, that he remains as pleasant and... um... traditional in his requests and desires -and that he pays you thick stacks of cash.

9:37 PM  
Blogger Lusty said...

Here here!

9:41 PM  

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