A quick (belated) update

I've been severely negligent in updating this blog. I apologize, cupcakes! It's not for the lack of topics to update about, I promise. It's because I've been busy busy and haven't had the desired time to write.

Business has been booming, relatively speaking, for the last two weeks. I've spent countless hours online trying to recruit new clients and had 3 appointments with 2 different clients, which, for me, is very busy. The money has been great, too, though it goes fast.

DJ has been nowhere to be found this last week, which is sad, since I really wanted to see him again. He's a really nice guy and very into me, so we both have a good time when I come over. I'm assuming that he's just away saving his pennies and trying not to assume worse of him.

My newest client, Scot (named as such because he's Scottish), is a kinky mf-er. For a straight man, anyway. I want to do a whole separate entry about him and the very...interesting experience I had with him last week, but I will tell you now that it was my first time subbing professionally. I'll probably do it again, but not without lingering reservation.

Anyway, I think the porn I'm downloading is ready, so I'm off to give myself a treat before bed. Buenos noches!


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