Lusty goes to Scot-land

The nice thing about having an audience that, like h, is continuously approaching zero (I know my calculus, bitches) is that I don't feel so guilty about being neglectful posting regularly, unlike in my main journal where less than daily posting is highly abnormal.

I think I need to change the title of this journal to "the anonymous tales of a part-time sex worker" instead of occasional, since this has become a much more regular gig for me than it was even just a month ago. I've been spending nearly every free night trolling craigslist for lucrative jobs with more or less success. There are a lot of fucking flaky men out there, but about 1 out of every 10 ads answered yields a job. This means that I now have my own tiny arsenal of stories in the reservoir just waiting to be translated into blog-speak for your lascivious work shirking purposes.

As such, I present to you the story of Scot.

Of Scottish birth (hence the moniker), Scot now lives in the continental U.S. and works nights for the government. He placed an ad on craigslist seeking a sugar baby to dominate and despite my hesitations due to my previous sour experience with a so-called sugar daddy wannabe, I emailed him. He pleaded with me for a daytime appointment and I refused on the grounds that I work days and that I don't get paid time off (the first is true, the latter is not). However, he begged and pleaded some more, offering me more money as an incentive. And, just having received a large surprise bill in the mail for car taxes, I took the morning off and consented.

Scot was a very persistent and eager fellow, asking me very personal questions about what I had done before sexually and revealing to me some of the more...interesting parts of his own sexual past. Among those experiences were things like having been a participant in large orgies and a witness to "pony shows." I had no intention of dabbling into such adventurous and morally questionable territory, but I did concede to let him bring a third party to our encounter. He had pleaded for me to fuck him and his large-dicked friend, but I refused. He reluctantly conceded and promised to bring a really pretty girl with "model looks," one whose pussy he was incredibly eager for me to taste.

Two days later, I checked into the hotel just before noon and drove to the room to get ready. I put on the outfit he had requested: thigh highs, sexy underwear, push-up bra and stilettos. I laid my motley crew of dildos, lube, condoms and gloves out onto the nightstand and called him to let him know that I was ready. He said he'd be there in 5 minutes. (As an aside, I have to admit here that having talked to him briefly on the phone the day beforehand, I was slightly turned on. His accent was quite sexy and my body is also naturally turned on by the idea of subbing, regardless of for whom I am doing it.) He knocked on the door and I opened it to the bright mid-day sun, cracking it even wider to find a not un-handsome man in his early 40s, a shaved head, steely blue eyes and a day or two's worth of stubble. Scot closed the door and immediately ordered my to remove my breasts from my bra. I pulled each on out and he began to play with them roughly, alternately sucking and pinching. He ordered me onto the bed so that I could play with my biggest dildo.

Scot had told me beforehand that he wanted me to fuck myself with the dildo without taking my underwear off, pushing the crotch aside so I could move the large piece of rubber in and out. For awhile, he watched me ramming the dildo into myself, telling me that I was a good little slut and a great sugar baby. He told me not to touch him yet and leaned over for a "kiss" which consisted of him wiggling his slimy pointy cigarette-y tongue over mine. I don't know if the Scots say it like this over there, but that "kiss" was bloody gross. Finally, he bent over to jiggle my breasts (And when I say jiggle, I mean he did exactly that. Strange, huh?) and began to fuck me himself with the dildo. Every few seconds, he'd yank it out of my pussy and make me lick the juices off with my mouth. He attempted to put both my vibrator and dildo inside of me at the same time, but his impatient ass wasn't about to fit both of those in just like that, even with the spit he kept showering on my pussy (what is it with straight men who think that spit is a good substitute for lube?). After tiring of the dildo, he stuck a few fingers in me with gusto and fucked me like that for a few minutes. He asked me if I had ever been fisted and I nodded yes. Scot yanked on a glove and stuck his hand into me roughly. It hurt slightly, but I have had bigger hands inside me before, so it wasn't unbearable.

(Another aside: what I've described above might sound awful to you, and in hindsight, I can totally see that, but I was also slightly turned on by just how dominant and rough he was. I'm a kinky little thing, mind you.)

Throughout these interactions, Scot would periodically call up the other girl and ask her where she was. He was very very impatient and I told him so. During the final call, he bragged to her that he had a whole fist in me and urged her to hurry up. Finally, Girlie #2 showed up and my oh my she was not my type. She was tall, very thin with smallish breasts, a brunette and only mildly cute. I like brunettes, but much prefer chubby girls and immediately felt uncomfortable with her presence, especially when she gave a look that combined in belief and disgust when she saw that his whole fist was inside of me.

Immediately, Scot withdrew his hand and ordered me to eat her pussy. I moved down on the bed and she unzipped his jeans and began to suck him to hardness. Scot made me tell him over and over how much I loved eating her out and I had to lie. I don't mind going down on a girl, but I didn't feel so eager about her particular vagina. He then ordered me to suck his dick and then move back down to her pussy. We continued in this vein for a few minutes until he told me to lie on the bed while she jerked him off on my face. I was quite surprised as I hadn't expected as such, but I closed my mouth and eyes just before his hot sticky cum dribbled over my mouth and down the side of my face.

Scot handed me a towel and we all got dressed. He handed us both cash, confirming my suspicions that Girlie was also a sex worker and they both left. I cleaned myself up and tidied the room, pleased to have a large chunk of cash in my wallet to deposit into the bank immediately before my shopaholic ass could spend it.

I returned to work, running into my boss in the hallway just as she was just about to leave the office for the day. She caught me off-guard and I probably jerked my head up and opened my eyes wide just before I bid her both hello and goodbye. In the moment, before my brain was able to take over my thoughts, I was utterly convinced that she knew exactly how I had spent my time off.


Blogger Applewhite said...

Do I count as audience?

11:32 AM  
Blogger Lusty said...

Of course you do! I said my audience was approaching zero. Thankfully, it's not that low (yet).

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How long did that all take?

- Anne-Sophie

2:42 PM  
Blogger Lusty said...

About 45 minutes, tops.

2:48 PM  

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