Trying not to let the dollar signs in my eyes blind me

More developments on potential Sugar Daddy #2, J.

We talked on email all evening and as I sent him more and more pictures of me (snapshots, professional shots, sexy, tame -- a fetish of sorts for him, I believe), he asked very tentatively if I would be open to the possibility of a sexual relationship. I'll make it worth your while, he wrote. For the custom shot I plan to do tonight with a friend, J has promised a undisclosed amount of money to be handed to me in a plain envelope on our lunch date this Monday.

This morning we talked over IM and he jerked himself off while I sent him a flood of pictures from my archive and told him what I do with other women. It turns out that he's a closet bisexual and loves the idea of me being with butch women. Interesting!

The problem is that because J is married, he can't host any of the proposed trysts. I am very wary about hosting at my place for many obvious and other not-so-obvious reasons, but we'll try to figure it out. He told me that he didn't want to meet at a hotel because he thinks it's creepy, but then he proposed that we go to a glory hole. Um, what?!? How does one find a hotel with (relatively) clean sheets, towels and a sink creepy but not an effin' glory hole where I'd be kneeling in some dude's sperm? We'll see.

Like I was with John, I am trying to be very wary of J and his intentions. I will say, however, that he is a LOT less creepy and demanding than John ever was. He seems genuinely interested in me and more than willing to pay me, regardless of what we do or do not do.

I'll be going away this weekend, so I can't promise any posts, but I definitely intend to write about my lunch date with J on Monday. Wish me luck, darlings!


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