Seems too good to be true...

Right now, as I type this, I am emailing back and forth with a man who -- get this -- is interested in giving me around $500 a month or more in exchange for virtually nothing! He isn't particularly interested in a sexual encounter and only wants to meet once a month. We have a lunch date on Monday.

The text of the ad he placed:

Progressive Political Woman: Let me Subsidize You - m4w - 44

Hi, I'm a relatively well-heeled executive who makes money doing PR and advocacy work for the "bad" guys. I'd like to give some of that money to a bright, engaging progressive woman to help her fight the good fight. This is serious. Email me if you are interested in exploring it. I am open to how to do this, but I want to do it! Thank you, J

A-fucking-mazing. My first assignment is to take a picture of myself topless, but wearing jeans and glasses, hair down and barefoot. For this, he will pay me handsomely.

I promise to keep you all updated.


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