Location, location, location

Mr. Pee wants to meet again. This much is obvious from all the crazed emails I read yesterday.

The problem is that he can't host anymore. For whatever reason, he must no longer be housesitting at the townhouse. I also am very unwilling to give him the address of my place. Just the thought of a guy who gets frantic with lust knowing where I sleep at night is enough to make me shudder. *Shudder*

A very smart friend of mine suggested I pee on him in the woods, but I have to sheepishly admit that don't know of any forests near me. As you might have gathered, I am no outdoorsy type. Nope. I'm a bonafide priss (albeit a down-to-earth one) who prefers her air bug-free and her temperatures modulated. So, while this idea is still under consideration, I am also wary of it because it means going into some sort of deserted wooded area with a relative stranger. Once again, *shudder*. At this time, I'm open to any and all suggestions from you, my darling readers. Besides a hotel room that one of us has to pay for, where would be a good, mostly or completely private place for us to meet?

Another prospect has thrown itself my way, but it also requires some maneuvering. A new guy, we'll call him Mr. Cum, wants me to watch him jerk off and then have me watch him eat his sperm. The pay isn't panty-wetting, but Mr. Cum claims that he is very quick. The catch is that he can only meet during weekdays, which is when I work. However, considering how cash-strapped I am and considering the fact that I need a little extra money for a trip I'm taking next weekend, I might just have to take a long lunch hour at work and rush over to meet him.

One final note before I leave you to engulf myself in the blog worlds of others, I have to say that I was quite disappointed when I finally got around to reading Washingtonienne's blog. Too short and not enough dirty details, in my opinion. Also, though I've listed "thinly-veiled autobiographies" in my blogspot interests section, hers does not appear to be up my alley, which I'm admitting can be a bit of a lit snob at times. Hey, at least it gives me hope about one day being a published author of my own.


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