Last Night

One too many drinks in a dark, divey bar. Intense flirting over passionate debates about food. MM's hand sliding up the side of my thigh under the table. And then again, in the cab. A "we don't even pretend to be what we're not" pay-by-the-hour hotel room on the West side with its mirrored ceilings, black light, and lip-shaped headboard. MM tracing the curve of my hip from behind, pressing his body into my arching back. Clothes in a pile on the floor. Touching everywhere. MM telling me how incredibly sexy I am over and over and over again. Needy and passionate kissing that turns into sweaty, frantic fucking. Fucking that bangs my head into the headboard and that elicits cursing and moans, in equal measure. His climax on my face, mouth, and hands. Giggling and touching post-orgasm, reflecting on the impulsive recklessness of the evening. Hopping into separate cabs and immediately emailing each other to say thank you and wow. Collapsing into bed and getting myself off before falling asleep with a smile. Waking up and wanting to do it all over again.


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