Things I miss about my hometown

* Strangers offer you their unused coupons at the store
* No one looks at you funny because we all say it "kew-pawn"
* Stocking up on all the staples that cost twice as much in New York
* Bringing home a suitcase full of dirty laundry and coming home with clean clothes
* Chick-Fil-A
* The screaming symphony of birds and crickets that greet me in the morning and lull me to sleep at night
* Fat people
* Cashiers don't look at you funny when you ask them how they're doing; or
* They ask you first
* Being in a public place does not mean having to be all close and personal with hundreds of strangers
* In fact, I do believe that the sound of light southern lilts kick up my kindness-to-strangers level a few notches

There's no place like (small doses of) home.


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