Well hello there

You thought I was gone, didn't you?

Yeah, well, me too.

After a horrible experience with a client at the agency I joined last December and a move to another large metropolitan city some 4 and a half hours from my old location, I took a long break. You see, I got a great new day job that didn't pay that well, but that I really loved. And I tried to make it, I really did. I attempted to live on a salary that I knew deep down wouldn't pay my bills and attempted to shuffle things around until I found myself desperately broke, even on pay days.

So here I am again, my jaw in pain after a weekend of seeing clients and sucking cock. My reentry into the business was no surprise to me, but a disappointment nevertheless. I suppose I was being an optimist, reasoning that I'd get by somehow, even though I've never been one to relish living on ramen and a prayer.

I'm finding, however, that finding time to work a 40-something hour work week at a day job, spending time with my friends, maintaining a fairly active dating life, seeing clients on the side and somehow trying to find extra slots of time for mundane things like the gym, laundry and grocery shopping is impossible. Sleep, once my best friend, now seems like this inconvenient needy thing that gets in the way of all the shit I have to do. It's true that I thrive best when I'm busy, but can a girl get a break?

Another new challenge that's been interesting is having to navigate sex work via public transportation. I sold my car last summer, and though this city's public transportation is far superior to my old city's, it's still a pain to get from point A to B. Hence, I am much less likely to take quick jobs that pay less because of the travel time involved. Which inevitably means that I'm providing "full service" (industry terms that usually mean penis-in-vagina sex + blow jobs + any other extras negotiated between client and provider) during every session. Which, oh my lord, is taxing. Sure, it means more money, but it also means more time finding clients, more risk and more emotional energy expended before and during the session. I'm exhausted.

Luckily, friends, I have a fantastic vacation planned for next month. It's a (late) birthday present to myself, as I've been making it a habit to travel every year on my birthday for the last several years. And this year, I'll be traveling to a tropical climate and doing it on a dime. But even dimes have to be earned, and funny how working for a vacation fund feels infinitely easier than working to pay off that mattress you bought last winter. And I've told myself that I'll deal with my less interesting bills once I get back.

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