Another Return

It's probably the case that any regular readers I once had have long since forgotten about these dusty (e)pages. Maybe you, like me, thought that I was done forever with the sex trade. Or if not done, I/we thought, on an extended break.

Shit, as they say, happens. I got laid off. I have no savings. I am possibly allergic to the idea of temping. My love affair with the city in which I currently reside is coming to an end. The amount of money one can receive on unemployment is shamefully low.

For all of those reasons, a return to quick cash seemed highly necessary. After all, how else would I be able to save up a chunk of change for a big move to a new city?

In the time since I've last written here, I've gotten a few sex work job offers, but turned them all down because the idea of putting on that kind of show seemed like too much for me to handle. Granted, it never feels that way once the cash touches my palm, but there are so many painstaking steps that precede that one satisfying moment in time. This time around, however, I'm doing things a little bit differently. I have successfully recruited a hard-up friend (we'll call her Red) to go into business with me. We sat down together last week and wrote down a laundry list of sex acts that we would and would not do, tentatively priced our services and wrote an ad.


Some of you may have heard about the high number of Craigslist busts that have happened in the time since my hiatus. Because of this, Red and I will have to take extra precautions and be extra dodgy about the meat and potato ($) details of these transactions. Being oblique is part and parcel of this work, but it really makes things so much more difficult to negotiate when you're made to use ridiculous code language like french, russian, roses and greek to describe specific things like price and sex acts.

But I digress. I came here to talk about how things are different for me this time around, and not necessarily in a positive way. My reentry into the biz feels like less of a choice than it did the first time. Because although I wanted/needed the extra cash before, I at least had a straight job to be my bread and butter. But now, unemployed, I've gotta work for my rent and it feels...uncomfortable. Someone asked me if I felt empowered about my choice and I can't say that I particularly do. It's a damn shame that the way our world is built cannot support its citizens who don't have jobs.

We'll see how things develop. Maybe I'll get a fantastic job tomorrow and this will all be for naught. So stay tuned, petunias.


Anonymous Murg said...

Hope things are going well...Lusty! ;-)


12:28 PM  
Anonymous Jesse said...

Let me know if there is anything you need to cheer you up. I'm glad you like the espresso maker, btw.

much love,

8:13 PM  

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