The kindness of strangers

When I came home today, there was a small package waiting for me on the stoop. It was light, I shook it. Then, I eagerly tore into it like a little girl-princess on her birthday. I opened it to find...a frothing pitcher.

At first, I was very confused. I don't own an espresso maker! I thought, "why would Jesse only buy me a frothing pitcher?" (background: Jesse, one of the most fabulous people ever decided to surprise me with something because it was HER birthday!) Then, I realized that the espresso maker just might not have made it to my house yet. I squealed, ran upstairs and immediately logged into my Amazon wishlist. And sure enough, there under "Bought Items" was the espresso maker I had been drooling over for months! ALSO, my wishlist informed me that she had bought me a David Sedaris book I had been eyeing as well!

My readership may be small, but goddamn do I love all of you.

Thank you, Jesse. You are beyond kind.


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