Happy New Year's Eve, lovelies!

Well hello there my dear, sweet, neglected readers!

As you may have noticed, I have yet again been absent from this space. And as you may have guessed, that time absent has not been filled with sundry tales of naughty encounters.

Since I last left you, I've lost the girlfriend as quickly as she was obtained, moped and cried over that for some time, spent the holiday with my family and some friends, and just generally frittered away the holiday vacation time given to me by my day job. I have, however, been engaging in the exiting-to-me, yet much less blog-worthy activities such as reading books and playing computer Scrabble (my rating's up to 1300, I believe!).

For this new year's eve, instead of the grand scheme that the ex-girlfriend had planned for us while we were dating (Atlantic City and limo rides), I'll be joining a few friends for a low-key evening of board games and pizza. Not the most scandalous way to ring in a new year, I agree, but I think I'm coming to learn that happiness and fulfillment don't always come coated in glitter and confetti, you know?


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