Sugar Baby Maybe

Wow. Was that the cheesiest title you've ever seen? Sorry about that, darlings.

Anyway, Mr. Potential Sugar Daddy (let's call him John, for ease of use and for its obvious figurative connotations) and I just got off the phone. We emailed back and forth this morning, inquiring about the basics (Where do you work? Where do you live?) and exchanging pleasantries. John is heading off for Sweden this afternoon -- it'll be a 2-week long business trip -- and he wanted to chat with me before he left.

He claims to be completely serious about this sugar daddy thing and detailed just how he'd like the arrangement to work. John wants to take me out to fancy dinners, take me on extravagant holidays and, of course, give me money. I just about creamed my panties when he uttered the phrase "pay your rent." He even mentioned something about helping me publish a book (!!!). The arrangement will involve sex, of course, but he's not in it just for that. John told me that he'd like to get together after his business trip in two weeks and take me out for a fancy dinner to see whether or not we get along. I plan to be sweet and agreeable no matter how distasteful I find him. Because, you know, I'm just dying to be a sugar baby. Plus, I've seen a picture of him, and while he's not exactly good-looking, he's also not repulsive. I can do this, ladies and gents. I think I really could.

The interesting thing about sugar daddies, if you think about it, is that when you average out the amount you're getting paid over the time spent with the sugar daddy, it's actually a lot less than hooking or other forms of sex work, where one can earn several hundred dollars for an hour or two of work. However, the sugar daddy arrangement is much more dependable than the other kinds of hooking I do. Most of my sex work clients call sporadically and sometimes never call back. I spend hours upon hours trying to score dates over email and phone, usually with little to no return. So, since I am wary of joining an agency, securing a sugar daddy arrangement would be perfect for me. I could cease worrying about the potential dangers of meeting new clients and stick with just one guy.

So, chickadees, I'll keep you updated on the situation, though not much is likely to happen until he comes back from Stockholm in a couple of weeks. Just think, though! If this worked out like I think it might, I could potentially quit my job, write full time, and publish the tell-all memoir everyone in my life has been pushing me to do for years now.


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