I am finding that dealing with a steady stream of men who only contact me when their NEEDSEXRIGHTNOW hormones are raging is making me more and more drawn to girly girls in my own personal life, as a sort of reaction/rebellion. I have a history of dating butches and FTMs (actually, not really many of the former, since there aren't a whole lot of them around anymore), but I'm finding lately that ostentatious displays of masculinity are turning me off.

Just today, in fact, an FTM Daddy (which is like, my type to a T [pun intended]) emailed me, singing my praises and possibly wanting to hook up. But, when I went to go check out his pictures, all I could think was Eww! A boy! Of course, I am fairly certain that this is just a temporary thing, but I always think it's interesting to see how sex work affects one's sexuality, and I thought that y'all might like to know as well.

This also means that if there are any hot queer femmes out there reading, now is your chance!


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