I was a bad girl and didn't post yesterday. Too riled up from all that hurricane speculation, I suppose.

But today, in the calm aftermath, I'm craving a less terrifying sort of adventure. I have been feeling a little boring lately, so I don't know, maybe it's time to find a sexy stranger and have some ultimately-mediocre-but-situationally-exciting casual sex. Since I've had a steady (non-monogamous) date for awhile now, I haven't had sex with a new person in about 9 months, which is a bit of a record for slutty me. The problem with me and casual sex, though, is that I've realized that 97% of my first-time sexual encounters are less than satisfying. For me, sex is at its best after we've had a few goes at it and have really figured out what works for the other person.

But you know, bad dates are always great blog fodder, so stay tuned. Hopefully there's some kind of intrigue for me and some good reading for you in the cards.


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