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Hello darlings,

I love the internet. I really do. It gives me many many things like distractions from work, a way to keep in touch with my far-flung friends, and thanks to the blogging boom, it lets me peer into the secret and occasionally fascinating worlds of people I have not met and never will. However, what once seemed to be a vast expanse of loosely connected information has now come to resemble the very enclosed community I have to deal with in "real life." Now, even the 'effin internet is a small world.

I guess this is as good a time as any to admit here, darlings, that I am cheating on my other journal. The first and until now, only. The Other Blog is something I've had and maintained regularly for over 4 years now, which is practically Medicare age in blogger years! But as more and more friends, lovers and work associates discover my blog, the more I find I must censor myself for privacy and propriety's sake. But since I'm somewhat of an exhibitionist, I really really loathe to do such a thing. The whole reason I started a public journal was my desire to write my life to the world, or at least a small subsection of it anyway. But now, for many many reasons, I can no longer freely write about all the juicy shit I used to dish.

So, here I am. As my journal description indicates, this blog will share the anonymous tales of an occasional sex worker. Among other things, I am also queer, chubby, multiracial, and mighty feisty. My name is Lusty (not my real name). Everything you read here is as truthful as my memory serves me, but I consider this blog to be in the style of a biomythography; even if all the details aren't completely accurate, the spirit of what happened is.

I am pleased that you've chosen to read along with my journey. I can't promise that every entry will always be the salacious dish that you might have hoped it to be, but I promise to be authentic and I will do my very best to entertain.

Now onto the storytelling!


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